E. × youngianum


Epimedium x youngianum

Fertile, deciduous clump-forming hybrids between E. grandiflorum and E. diphyllum, mostly of garden origin although they also occur in the wild. Flowers extremely variable in size, shape, color and spur length. Since 2nd  generation offspring resemble either parent, we wonder whether some of the plants we grow as E. grandiflorum are hybrids. Leaflets variable in shape and size. Most produce a second flush of growth and some re-­bloom. Later to bloom than E. grandiflorum.

Epimedium x youngianum 'Akebono'

E. youngianum  ‘Akebono’ (Cc. 980004)

A charming small Japanese cultivar, with ¾” delicate, but full, light rose pink/lavender flowers. Small cup is backed by long, slender, pointed sepals with a white mid-rib. New growth has a reddish-cast at leaf edge. Foliage matures to small, milky-green leaves. 5” in bloom, second flush to 8”.  Very floriferous.  $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Azusa'

Epimedium x youngianum  ‘Azusa’  (Cc. 950048)

Large, crisp and clean, bright white flowers have long spurs and red outer-sepals and are held aloft the foliage on thin wiry red pedicels. Medium-sized, deep green leaflets of good substance have a striking silver overlay along the main veins, extending out over the leaf and lasting the entire season. 7” tall in bloom, second flush to 12”.    $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Baby Doll Pink'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Baby Doll Pink’  

(Cc. 950072)

***1999 Cobblewood Introduction***

Either an unlabeled Japanese cultivar or a seedling from Harold’s garden. Small, spurless flowers are dark pink in bud, opening a pale pink edged in medium pink. A truly pink-flowered Epimedium. Extended bloom above small, light green leaflets with a pink tint in spring give this plant real garden merit. Only 3” tall in first flower, it continues to produce more flowers to 9” tall.   $8

Epimedium x youngianum 'Be My Valentine'

E. youngianum  ‘Be My Valentine’  (Cc. 950231)

***1999 Cobblewood Introduction***

Named in honor of the late Betty Valentine of Berlin, CT, at the request of the CT chapter of NARGS, in celebration of her 90th birthday in1998. Betty loved Epimediums. She grew them most of her life. Covered in bright blooms at only 5-6”,  the small-medium-sized flowers have deep rose-pink inner-sepals and white petals flushed rose, with very short, white spurs. Small leaflets. Second growth flush to 14” tall.  $18

Epimedium x youngianum 'Beni-kujaku'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Beni-kujaku’  (Cc. 960011)

An extraordinary hybrid from Japan whose name--literally translated-- means "Red Peacock". The cup is completely open, mimicking the inner-sepals in size and shape with a short protruding spur. Each flower part has a white or pale pink interior, the perimeter suffused with dark rose pink. Medium-sized “double” flowers bloom above small, medium green leaflets. 6” tall in bloom, second flush to 12”.  $15

Epimedium x youngianum 'Capella'

E. youngianum  ‘Capella’  (Cc. 920045)

Introduced by Dick Weaver and one of Darrell's personal favorites. This clone has charming dark lavender-rose flowers that are small, simple and produced in profusion above small leaflets for a long period in spring. 8" in bloom with second flush to 10" with some re-bloom.  $12

E x youngianum 'Fairy Dust'

E. youngianum  ‘Fairy Dust’ (Cc. 950241)

***2004 Cobblewood Introduction***


Small, simple, lavender-pink flowers with small white spurs lift their faces above the foliage in spring. The color deepens toward the edge of each flower part. Fresh spring leaves have the texture of silk and are tinted in a delicate shade of mocha. Compact growth at 7” in bloom, and flowers to 10”, creating a neat and tidy effect.  $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Freckles'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Freckles’  (Cc. 950080) 

***2000 Cobblewood Introduction***


'Freckles' is a seedling that appeared in Harold Epstein’s garden among a mass of ‘Milky Way’, an obvious parent. Large grandiflorum –like flowers with white inner-sepals are flushed and veined lavender with white spurs. Introduced for its pure flower colors, but named for its lively, small spring leaflets, generously speckled in purple. 7” in bloom to 18”.  $10

Epimedium x youngianum 'Fukurasuzume'

E. x youngianum  ‘Fukurasuzume’  (Cc. 950064)

A giant among the cultivars of E. x youngianum we've grown. The unique flowers are mostly made up of a “cup”. They have magenta-streaked, white inner-sepals horizontally perched above the nearly spur-less, pendent, white petals. Flowers hang in clusters below the small leaflets, slightly edged in red. 10” in bloom, reaching 15” at maturity.   $8


Epimedium x youngianum ‘Grape Fizz’

E. youngianum   ‘Grape Fizz’ (Cc. 950242)

***2004 Cobblewood Introduction***


Small, rich, grape-purple buds open to release full, blue-lavender blossoms with irregular white highlights at the base of each part. Each flower has four vestigial white spurs. Flowers form a loose tumble above a low 5” mound of lime-green foliage. 7” in bloom. Long lasting bloom. New foliage has a brownish tint. The medium-sized leaves have acute basal lobes and deeply indented veins, producing a seer­sucker effect.  $15.

Epimedium x youngianum 'Hagoromo'

E. youngianum  ‘Hagoromo’  (Cc. 980091)

New growth is flushed purple, and matures to olive-green with a contrasting white star pattern at the veins near the leaf base. Medium-sized dainty white flowers appear among the foliage on deep-red petioles. The flowers are backed by narrow lavender/pink sepals, each edged in a crisp white line. 8” in bloom, growing to 12”.   $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Hanagaruma'

E. youngianum  ‘Hanagaruma’  (Cc. 970065)

Ozzie Johnson of Marietta, GA bought this tiny floriferous selection for Darrell in a Japanese nursery. From a low mass of small leaflets only 6” tall, sprout 9” stems carrying many me­dium-sized flowers. Its grandi­florum-like flowers cluster thickly together just above the foliage, making quite a show. A pale lavender-pink cup and slender spurs are backed by lavender-pink sepals. Second flush to 10”.   $8

Epimedium x youngianum "Japanese Cultivar"

E. ×youngianum “Japanese Cultivar” (Cc. 960051)

A charming Japanese cultivar that Epimedium connoisseur Harold Epstein purchased during his last trip to Japan, but lost the label. Sprightly, medium-sized, rose pink flowers appear above small leaflets flushed purple. White overlays the main veins of each small leaflet all season long. 6” tall in bloom, eventually growing to 9”. $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Jenny Wren'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Jenny Wren’  (Cc. 990568)

***2003 Cobblewood Introduction***

 A dainty cultivar from the garden of John Marchacos, Berlin, CT.  The small, dark green spring leaflets are speckled and splotched with burgundy against a softer purple wash like the markings of a tiny wren’s egg. Light, lavender-pink, medium-sized flowers stand perky and bright against the mottled foliage. 5” in bloom, to 12”.  $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Jujisei'

E. youngianum ‘Jujisei’  (Cc. 970196)

Another Japanese cultivar with a distinctive open flower form making it appear “double”. Each sepal is superimposed over its corresponding white petal, edged with a distinct pink chevron. Medium-sized flowers are produced above and among the leaves. Rose-lavender in bud. 8” tall in bloom, second flush to 14”.   $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Kozakura'

E. youngianum  ‘Kozakura’  (Cc. 950194)

Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery bought this unusual clone in Japan as E. x sasakii and offered it in 1995. Unusual in that the inner-sepals drop as the flowers open, leaving only pendulous white petals each with a deep lavender center spot. Small, bell-shaped flowers are borne above small leaflets. 9” tall in bloom. Second flush to 14-16"   $8

Epimedium x youngianum 'Lilliputian'

E. youngianum ‘Liliputian’  (Cc. 950128)

Friend Judy Springer shared this Don Jacobs (Eco Gardens) introduc­tion with Darrell. A true miniature with tiny light green leaflets delicately peppered with maroon purple flecks. Only 2” tall in first bloom with 4” flower stems. Showy medium-sized, creamy-white flowers are profuse and similar to those of E. grandiflorum in shape. Second flush to 7” produces additional speckled leaflets.   $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Little Shield'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Little Shield’ (Cc. 950240)

***2004 Cobblewood Introduction***

Distinctive shield-shaped leaves are part of this plant’s allure. In spring a soft overlay of milky mocha covers the small to medium-sized leaves, heavily indented at the veins. 8” tall in bloom, with numerous, perky 3/4” white flowers held above the foliage. Spurs slightly longer than sepals. Semi-evergreen$12 

Epimedium x youngianum 'Marchacos Sprite'

E. youngianum  ‘Marchacos Sprite’  (Cc. 990566) 

***2003 Cobblewood Introduction***

A spontaneous hybrid from the garden of John Marchacos of Berlin, CT, this lively offering sports a profusion of medium-sized, deli­cately crafted rose-pink flowers held aloft medium-sized spring leaflets washed in a soft purple. White highlights the edge of the cup and the very thin straight spurs that are held at a downward angle.   $12


Epimedium x youngianum 'Merlin'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Merlin’  (Cc. 960057)

A seedling of E. youngianum ‘Roseum’ that appeared in the garden of Amy Doncaster, Washfield Nursery, U.K. The distinctive flower form has an “inflated” sphere-shaped cup. Sepals and petals are white near the base, flushed with a dusky, sanded violet, with the deepest color saturation near the tips of the inner-sepals. Flowers are held above the mass of small leaflets on stems to 9”. $8

Epimedium x youngianum 'Milk Chocolate'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Milk Chocolate’

(Cc. 990616) 

***2005 Cobblewood Introduction***

 ‘Milky Way’ sometimes produces sporadic new spring leaflets that are nearly solid purple. Darrell once found an entirely purple leaf, selected that division, and began propagating it to stabilize the characteristic. The resulting ‘Milk Chocolate’ produces small chocolate-purple leaves with tiny green flecks in spring. The color remains for weeks in contrast with the multitudes of white, medium-sized flowers. Semi-evergreen. 6” in bloom, to 12”. $15

Epimedium x youngianum 'Milky Way'

E. youngianum  ‘Milky Way’  (Cc. 920046)

This Dick Weaver introduction ­has pristine, medium-sized white flowers with long spurs. The new spring foliage is attractively speckled with a multitude of deep purple markings. At maturity, the small semi-evergreen leaflets display an attractive persistent silver overlay on the main veins. 6" in bloom. Second growth to 12".  $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Murasaki-juji'

E. youngianum  ‘Murasaki Juji’  (Cc. 970233)

An unusual flower form giving it a "double-flowered" appearance. The petals mimic the inner-sepals in size and shape with short, white-tipped protruding spurs. Full, deep rose-lavender flowers lighten slightly at the center and edges. 7” in bloom. Forms a low, compact mound of dense me­dium-green foliage.   $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Murasaki Shikibu'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Murasaki Sikibu’  (Cc. 970202)

Purchased in Japan in 1997 at Gotemba Nursery, located in the shadow of Mt. Fuji. An adorable plant with a first flush of flowers on short 5” stems. The second flush of leaves/flowers to 9”. Very small new leaflets tinged with purple/brown. Medium-sized flowers have dark rose-purple inner-sepals, paler petals with nearly white, short spurs. $8

Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Niveum’  (Cc. 910003)

Talk about a low maintenance garden plant! The first time Darrell visited Harold Epstein, Harold pointed out several healthy clumps of ‘Niveum’ planted some 40 years previous and never, ever divided!

Crowds of small white flowers sit elbow-to-elbow above small, purple-tinted leaflets in spring. 10" in bloom eventually reaching 14". One of the more common varieties available in the American market.  $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Otome'

E. youngianum  ‘Otome’  (Cc. 970066)

Another gem Ozzie Johnson purchased in Japan with small, spur-less white flowers flushed pink. The first flush of flowers starts at 5” with a second flush of medium-sized, rounded leaflets and some re-­bloom to 10”. Semi-evergreen with reliable red/orange fall color.  A sparse bloomer, the real appeal of this clone is the beautiful fall foliage. $10

Epimedium x youngianum 'Purple Heart'

E.  x youngianum  ‘Purple Heart’  (Cc. 950234)                  

***2000 Cobblewood Introduction***

A Darrell Probst hybrid from a cross between E. grandiflorum var. violaceum and E. x youngianum ‘Pink Star’. Unlike other varieties where the purple spring foliage emerges at its darkest, and then fades, these small, semi-evergreen leaflets unfurl a greenish-purple and deepen to black-pur­ple. The foliage color is especially striking as a foil for the small, bi-colored light pinkish-lavender and white flowers. The leaves fade to green in sum­mer, but deepen to a dark purple again in fall.  Early blooming for an x youngianum. $15

Epimedium x youngianum 'Roseum'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Roseum’  (Cc. 840003)

The very first Epimedium that Darrell grew as a teenager in Pennsylvania. Produces dainty pale lavender-pink bell-shaped flowers over a long period. 9" tall in bloom with a second flush of small leaflets to 12”.  One of the more commonly found varieties in the American market. $8

Epimedium x youngianum 'Royal Flush'

E. youngianum  ‘Royal Flush’ (Cc. 950239) 

***2004 Cobblewood Introduction***

New leaflets emerge a rich chestnut, changing to a bright bur­gundy mottling between green veins with the deepest color toward the edges. First flush of beautiful, thick foliage rises to 9” and holds its brilliant spring colors longer than most. Medium–sized light lavender flowers have white spur tips. Lighter tones highlight the edge of the cup. Second flush of colorful foliage to 14”. Semi-evergreen.   $15

Epimedium x youngianum 'Ruby Tuesday'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Ruby Tuesday’

(Cc. 950085)

***2001 CobblewoodIntroduction***

Small and delicate, it begins to bloom at only 5” tall. After a second and third flush of foliage and flowers, it eventually reaches 14”, making it one of the latest blooming of Epimediums. Its small spring leaflets have a purple cast. Medium-sized flowers are rich, ruby-red with lighter pale rose to white spurs. $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Starlet'

E. x youngianum 'Starlet' (Cc. 031431)

Introduced by Diana Reeck of Collector's Nursery. Charming medium pink/lavender blooms float over a base of medium-sized elongated leaflets, each edge sponged with deep red in spring. Lighter pink to white highlights the backs of the sepals, the edges of the petals, and the tips of the spurs. Wiry red flower stems complement the spring color of the leaflets. A long-blooming, light and airy and very floriferous selection. 6" in bloom, with a second growth flush of colorful foliage to 11".  $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'Sudama'

E. youngianum   ‘Sudama’ (Cc. 970201)

An unusual Japanese cultivar with curious raspberry red, pendent flowers borne below the unfurling leaves. The sepals never open, leaving the flower as a dark, inflated ellipse with slightly lighter shoulders.  Large spring leaves flush with a soft red edge that eventually fades to a thin line. Blooms late, on 15” stems.   $8

Epimedium x youngianum 'Tamabotan'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘Tamabotan’ 

(Cc. 930011)

(Synonyms: We Du Special, Special Pink and ‘Pink Ruffles’)

Medium-sized silvery lavender flowers flushed with light lavender hover above new foliage tinted purple with a unique turquoise cast. Petals/inner-sepals similar in size and shape, give the flower a “double” appearance. Small leaflets. 8” in bloom, to 18-20”.  $12

Epimedium x youngianum 'White Cloud'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘White Cloud’  (Cc. 950232)

***2001 Cobblewood Introduction***

‘White Cloud’ blows the roof off bud count with an astounding number of flower stems per plant. With a few hours of sun each day, it literally yields clouds of small, white flowers on 6-10” stems. Each small spring leaflet sports a pale purple perimeter band. A Darrell Probst (always searching for a higher bud count) hybrid.  $15 

Epimedium x youngianum 'White Star'

Epimedium youngianum  ‘White Star’

(Cc. 950011)

***2000 Cobblewood Introduction***

A spontaneous seedling found in the Asian Collections at the U.S. National Arboretum. This floriferous clone bears small, white flowers with spurs equal in length to the inner-sepals. The small thick leaflets remain evergreen in USDA Zone 7 and farther south, semi-evergreen elsewhere. Delightful at 5" tall in bloom, eventually growing to 8". $10

Epimedium x youngianum 'Yenomoto'

E. youngianum  ‘Yenomoto’  (Cc. 880001)

The pristine white flowers of this Japanese clone are distinguished by their long, straight, down-facing inner-sepals and spurs. Each flower is held by four silvery-pink outer sepals that give a distinctly bridal feel to the plant. Long blooming with Small leaflets. 8" in bloom, growing to 12" high. $8