E. pinnatum ssp.


Epimedium pinnatum ssp. colchicum

Epimedium pinnatum ssp. colchicum

(Sev. clones/Cc. numbers)

Native to the mountainous areas of Georgia along the eastern coast of the Black Sea, this Epimedium is very drought tolerant. A workhorse groundcover for dry areas. Clusters of small, bright yellow flowers are produced on leafless stems above newly emerging leaves. Showy bright yellow inner-sepals back small petals that form a yellow cup. Short reddish spurs are held straight out against the inner-sepals. Spreads 6-8” a year creating a dense growth of large, rounded, shiny, deep evergreen leaflets on stems 8-10”.  $8

Epimedium pinnatum ssp colchicum L321

Epimedium pinnatum ssp. colchicum L321   (Cc. 950222)

This Roy Lancaster collection was obtained from Robin White of Blackthorn Nursery. The dark evergreen leaflets are smaller and narrower than those of the other clones we grow, with a decorative wavy edge, making it a much more open plant, but one with a great deal of textural character. A favorite of mine. Otherwise, it is similar to the other clones.  Drought tolerant. $10

Epimedium pinnatum ssp. colchicum 'Thunderbolt'

Epimedium pinnatum ssp. colchicum ‘Thunderbolt’ (Cc. 890003)

***2000 Cobblewood Introduction***

 Collected in the former USSR Province of Georgia in 1973 by Skip March of the U.S. National Arboretum. We named this clone in cooperation with the Arboretum. Cool autumn temps turn the medium-sized, semi-glossy, evergreen leaflets dark black/purple or a rich red mahogany, depending on the light exposure. An attractive “thunderbolt” pattern of green main veins overlays the fall color. Flowers have showy bright yellow inner-sepals. 10”. Rhizomes grow 6-8” a year.  Drought tolerant. $15

Epimedium pinnatum ssp. pinnatum

E. pinnatum ssp. pinnatum  (Cc. 980084)  

This eastern subspecies of E. pinnatum is uncommon in cultivation. Native to the Caspian forests of northern Iran, David Barker shared this with us when we visited his garden in Chelmsford, Essex, UK in 1998. Sprays of small, bright lemon-yellow flowers with tiny brown spurs erupt in early spring to 7” beyond the newly emerging foliage. While the flowers are different from ssp. colchicum in having spurs that are half the length, gardeners will notice the difference in plant habit. Generally taller with 9 medium-sized evergreen leaflets per leaf vs. 3-5. Flowers 3/4” in diameter. Leaflets are a clear spring green with a slight rose flush. Spreads by 8” rhizomes. Light red fall color.  The earliest of the E. pinnatums to leaf out in spring. $12