E. davidii


Epimedium davidii

Native to western Sichuan Province, P.R. China, where it is often found growing on dripping wet limestone cliffs or near streams. These clones have quite diverse plant habits, but E. davidii generally produces a mass of low growing foliage with small, evergreen leaflets. Flower stems 12-24” tall with long spikes of many large, rich yellow flowers with tiny red inner-sepals. Clump-forming with occasional 3–5” rhizomes. Extra flower stems are produced sporadically throughout the season if grown in evenly moist, organically rich soils.

Epimedium davidii Cc. 990294

E. davidii Cc. 990224 

A fast-propagating form of this small, evergreen species. Not available in 2018.

Epimedium davidii 'Emerald Sheen'

E. davidii ‘Emerald Sheen’ (Cc. 960085) 

***2008 Cobblewood™ Introduction***


Extremely glossy leaflets are what makes this clone spectacular. It forms a mass of low growing, shiny foliage with smaller than normal, evergreen leaflets. The new spring foliage is tinted maroon. Flower stems are 12-24” tall with long spikes of many large, rich yellow flowers with tiny red inner-sepals. It is clump-forming, but produces occasional 3–5” rhizomes. Excellent for breeding, in that it passes the sheen of its foliage along to its offspring.  Not available in 2018.


Epimedium davidii "Robust Forms"

E. davidii  “Robust Form” (Several clones)

Like many species, E. davidii varies from one location to another. In 1999 Darrell helped to identify Epimediums purchased from China by a local nursery. Overall they were more robust and vigorous, 18-24” high, with bolder evergreen foliage than any we  have grown. The clones we offer have attractively red-mottled spring leaflets. Spreads slowly by occa­sional 4-8” rhizomes to form a mass 2’ wide in about 5 years.  Fall ship only. $22

Epimedium davidii 'Wolong Dwarfs'

E. davidii   “Wolong Dwarfs” (Sev. clones/Cc. numbers)  

On his first trip to China in 1996, Darrell found two colonies of E. davidii growing on dripping wet cliffs. The few samples he collected turned out to be quite dwarf in size, so he returned again in 2000 to explore further. Climbing higher, he found much larger colonies, where all of the plants were very small. From clumps of tiny evergreen leaflets grow 6-10” flower stems carrying large yellow flowers. Perfect for a very spe­cial spot in the garden or in a trough. Not available in 2018.