About Us


Garden Vision Epimediums is a small, retail mail-order nursery located in rural central Massachusetts selling Epimediums since 1997. The plants we offer represent the work of Epimedium expert, Darrell Probst, over the last two decades, through numerous collecting expeditions to China, Japan and Korea along with the travels and collecting efforts of Joanna Zhang, his interpreter in China. He also has networked with many other Epimedium collectors, nurserymen and experts worldwide to amass this impressive array of species and varieties. Many are selected seedlings from the garden of the late Epimedium enthusiast Harold Epstein from his travels to Japan, as well as his own breeding efforts. Most sales are through our catalog, which usually comes out in Feb.-Mar., and is now available on this website. We are open to the public for only a select few weekends in Apr.-May, during bloom season. We also sell at various plant sales throughout the Northeast.

Darrell continues to work through accredited taxonomic scientists in China and Europe to define the genus and get as yet unidentified species published in the scientific literature. Be assured that we will work diligently to get these new species described, propagated, and offered for sale as quickly as possible in order to preserve this important genus. Although not actively involved in this business any longer, he continues to act as a consultant. Garden Vision Epimediums will continue to serve as a launching pad for Darrell’s new introductions, resulting from his research in identifying as yet, unnamed species, and his hybridizing efforts with Epimediums.