Flat of epimediums ready for shipping DSC02998


Just as the last few stray blossoms of the latest/longest blooming epimediums are fading away as we enter into June here in Massachusetts, I am reminded by a flat of plants I am preparing to pack and ship, of a second call for attention many epimediums are making in the garden– right now.

Epimedium x 'Asiatic Hybrid' closeup second growthDSC03037

Epimedium x ‘Asiatic Hybrid’ is a very under-used variety, and one of my favorite for its pink new growth.


Many epimediums produce a first flush of colorful foliage and blossoms immediately upon emergence in spring. Then they take a break– harden off and green up their first leaves– and put their energies into producing a top knot, or second layer of new spring foliage, with the same beautiful colors that they possessed earlier in spring. From a distance it gives the impression that they are in bloom for a second time. During a long cool spring, we can get up to 6 weeks of colorful flowers and new spring growth in the garden before the plants green up for the summer.

Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilac Seedliing' produces bright new leaves that resemble flowers on a sea of green.

Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Lilac Seedling’ produces bright new leaves that almost resemble flowers on a sea of green.




Epimedium sempervirens 'Aurora' new spring foliage

Epimedium sempervirens ‘Aurora’ is another under-used cultivar with beautiful new foliage and attractive rich lavender flowers.

Here are a few of the showiest selections,  photographed on a walk through the garden and nursery the evening of June 10, 2015.















Epimedium x versicolor 'Strawberry Blush' in second growth flush

Epimedium x versicolor ‘Strawberry Blush’ a runner with exceptional color on both flushes of new spring growth.

There is still plenty of time to order a few plants. I will be shipping through the month of June, and then again in September through mid-October.







Epimedium x 'Domino' second growth

Epimedium x ‘Domino’, puts on a great repeat show of foliage AND flowers during the season.