Shade loving Epimediums for sale.

A selection of Epimediums & other shade perennials that were available during the recent Open Garden Days.Thanks to all who made the trek to Phillipston, MA this year to attend one of my Open Nursery days. The unusual stop and go spring weather preserved and lengthened bloom to insure that there were plenty of colorful flowers and foliage to see whenever you visited. Some of you even revisited several times to watch the progression. It makes my heart glad to have so many people that are so enthusiast about Epimediums come to enjoy my collection and gardens.

The weather was great, the garden beds showed off what mature Epimedium clumps look like in a landscape setting, and illustrated the range of conditions in which they flourish. Visitors are always surprised at how much sun Epimediums can take in our northern climate, or how LARGE some varieties can grow.

If you missed this year’s open days, you can visit vicariously through this delightful garden blog in Growing With Plants, posted by my long time friend and fellow plant enthusiast from Worcester, Matt Mattus, who spent the afternoon here last Friday. Or visit me at one of the upcoming regional plant sales in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, later this season. Subscribe to our email list and we will notify you of next year’s open nursery days, so you don’t miss them.

I am also still taking mail orders for shipping either in June, September or October. Request a print catalog or download an order form from this website to place an order. I do my best to keep the availability of specific plants current on this website. For me, it is time to concentrate on packing plants for those patient folks scattered across the country who have been awaiting their arrival. The process and the package is not fancy or pretty, but it works like a charm. Many customers tell me that when their plants arrive, they look like they never went through the shipping process at all. And as Matt says, you have no idea what joy and wonder that 2-1/2″ square pot of green can bring to your garden.

Karen Perkins

Garden Vision Epimediums