2017 Collections


These three themed collections offer a variety of choice easy-to-grow Epimediums at a discount.

Starter Collection  $50



Six tried and true varieties. These easy-to-grow Epimediums exhibit a range of flower colors, forms and growth habits to show some of the diversity within the genus.

(‘Frohnleiten’ & ‘Sweetheart’ are spreaders)


Spring Foliage Favorites Collection   $60

 Six of my favorites that exhibit a variety of shades and types of exceptional spring foliage coloration.   

(‘Versicolor’ is a spreader)


20th Anniversary Throwback Collection  $75

Twenty years ago, we had a very limited supply of the following six new-to-the-market Epimediums and offered them at a premium price of (at least) $75 each. We did this to get them into the trade, and to support our plant collecting efforts.   Now you can have all six still uncommon Epimediums in your garden for the price of one!    $75 

(Please note: as of 5/4/17 Epimedium xyoungianum ‘Tamabotan’ and E. x ‘Enchantress’ are sold out for the year, so I will be substituting E. xyoungianum ‘Beni-ku-jaku’ another “double-flowered” Japanese selection and E. x ‘Black Sea’- another spreader with exceptional fall foliage, on all orders received after this date for this collection.

How to Order:

List name of collection and price on the Order Form. Each collection counts as 6 plants for shipping purposes ($1 for each plant= $6, + basic $8 shipping fee per order)Collection offers are valid through 10/15/2017. Orders received after that date will be filled with plants selected for 2018. In case of unavailability, we reserve the right to substitute offerings in the collections, with appropriate plants of similar characteristics and equal or greater value. (Limit 3 of each collection, per customer)