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Welcome to Garden Vision Epimediums, a retail nursery established in 1997 and featuring the best selection of Bishops caps, Barrenworts and Fairy wings for sale in the United States. Epimediums make the perfect addition to your woodland shade garden. Their delicate, fragile beauty belies their tough, long-lasting nature. They are easy to grow, spring-blooming plants. Many also have amazing spring (and sometimes fall) foliage colors. Their flowers also come in a wide range of shapes and hues.

Many gardeners know these plants simply as ground covers for dry shade, but recent hybrids and new species discoveries have added a whole new dimension to this intriguing genus. Most of the Epimediums in our collection represent the collecting and hybridizing efforts of Epimedium expert, Darrell Probst.

You can see here the Epimediums listed in the print catalog, but with even more photos. To place an order, please download an Order Form to send in by mail or by fax.  Browse through the main catalogue, or you can sort by several characteristics including flower color, species, growth habit, drought tolerance, size, etc. Email or call with any questions that you have, but no phone orders, please. Being the chief cook and bottle washer leaves me very little time in the office.

The 2017 printed catalog is also available here for download, along with the accompanying photo pages. If you would like a printed copy mailed to you, please email me at karen@epimediums.com.  For those already on my mailing list, expect the print catalog to arrive mid to late February. The plants listed on this website have been updated for price and availability for 2017. I am in the process of adding a few more selections to the website for 2017, so I appreciate your patience. The complete list can be found in the downloadable print catalog.

I ship within the United States in June and September thru mid- October. Plants are reserved as the orders are received, so I accept written orders year-round. If you prefer making your selections in person, the nursery is open to the public for sales and viewing mature plants in bloom during select open days in April/May. I also participate in several off-site plant sales  throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states, beginning with Pine Knot Hellebores in Clarksville, VA in late February. Click on the link to find a schedule of my Epimedium talks as well.

Continue to scroll down for posts on Epimedium characteristics and culture. Happy reading!

Karen Perkins